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Closed-Circuit Television or Video Surveilance. We use strategically placed cameras that provide observation of interior and exterior spaces. We can place them around your home or business for close monitoring of all activity. 


We use various burglar alarm components, such as surveillance cameras, keypad alarms, forced entry detection, and more to ensure that your family and your belongings are safe in your home.

Access control

We use keypad and proximity/smart card systems to limit access to your business or to certain rooms, ensuring that the only people who get into these areas are the people who are supposed to be there.


In order to better protect your house, property, and family from fires, we install smoke detectors in your home to monitor for excess smoke and alert a local monitoring station to a possible fire in your home.


Residential security systems provide just what the name suggests: household protection. We help keep your family safe by placing sensors on entry points such as doors and windows or interior valuables, as well as intnrior and exterior motion sensors


Commercial security systems keep your business adequately protected when you go home for the day through surveillance cameras near important or hidden entry points. Like residential security, we offer entry point and motion sensors as well as alarm systems and control panels. 

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